The Simplest Switch: Drinks

2011 January 10
by admin

Thanks so much for your switches to date! We have given out two boxes of bars and will give away another box tomorrow AND our first basket tomorrow. We are loving all of the switches so far and learning great tips too!

 Keep making goals and making your health a priority this year.

Drink Switches

Since the start of SimplySwitches on January 1, we have received 27 entries all focused on the very Simple Switch of switching types of beverages. We’ve seen things from green tea instead of coffee, water instead of pop, hot water with lemon, and real fruit spritzers instead of soda and juices. These switches are great and sensible as drinks are often the way we add a ton of calories to our day without even realising. Not only can we be fooled by the many empty calories that drinks contain but most fruit juices are very high glycemic and contain tons of sugar, so beware of what appears to be “healthy”. We wouldn’t eat 40 grams of sugar at a time so no reason to drink that much either.

Jazzing up water:

Water is certainly the best drink option- hot or cold. If you struggle with water intake (boring, no taste, etc.) here are some options for jazzing up your beverage consumption:

• Spritzers: Sparkling water with lemon and orange slices makes for a fresh, critrus hydration. Want something even better? Add fresh strawberries, rasberries and blueberries to your sparkling water and you’ll not only feel refreshed but it’s a healthy treat!

• Cucumber Water: Fill a pitcher with water and slice up half a cucumber. Let sit in the fridge for a half hour and you’ll feel like your sipping something from the spa.

• Hot Water: seems so simple, but adding any slice of orange, lemon and a bit of ginger (honey or maple syrup to sweeten) will warm you up, wake you up and pick you up! This drink will also help soothe digestion.

These really are simple switches that will add up to a big benefit for your health.

SimplySwitches will be running through the rest of this month and into February. We’ll continue to check in with encouragement and support and of course…prizes!! Every 3 days we are giving away a box of Simply Bars and every entrant is qualified to win one of the 50 Ultimate Health Gift Baskets (worth over $200). Post and compare in our Switches Guestbook and on Facebook!

SimplySwitches Southern Style

2010 December 29
by admin

The south gets a bad rap for unhealthy food (fried chicken, fried vegetables, actually fried anything). But one thing that the south does well that the north (or at least Canada) does not, is tea. Here “tea” means unsweetened cold tea. “Sweet tea” means with sugar added. Every single iced tea I find in Canada is loaded with sugar — 15 g is on the low end. 30 g to 60 g is more normal. There are 24 g in Arizona Iced Tea. 23g in an 8 oz Snapple Ice Tea.

And we wonder why we have a problem with type 2 diabetes? Sugar is not needed in tea.

Our SimplySwitch today is to stop drinking our calories and shooting our blood sugar through the roof!

 If you need a little added zing, add lemon, mint or ginger.

Clear the Christmas Clutter

2010 December 27
by admin


Finally everyone is clearing out and you are getting some time alone… alone but for all your new stuff! Before you just store all of it, this is a good time to ask:

  • What do I really love and want?
  • What really just isn’t right for me?


1. Those things that you love and want, start using them!

2. For those things that just aren’t right, you need to part with them (even if they were from your very best friend or your most loved great aunt in the whole wide world.)

  • Things for charity
    • Goodwill is a good option. Or there are a number of other charities that will come and pick up your things.


  • Things to return:
    • Hopefully your gifts have receipts on them and you can return them. Check when you need to return them by and if possible, do in the next week so you don’t forget in the doldrums of January.


  • Things to re-gift:
    • This is not recommended but if you do it,  make sure you mark who the presents were originally from!


 And if you received cash or gift cards, why not spend them on something you really need? We are tired of carrying around bulky laptops and loved the laptop carry cases from the Nomi Network The bags are so stylish and even our most discerning family LOVED them! And the practical side of us loves how practical the computer bags are.

 “Buy Her Bag Not her Body is created by Nomi Network, a non-profit organization working to eradicate sexual slavery and the trafficking of women. We’ve created a partnership between the fashion industry and cause-driven, well-designed merchandise made by at-risk women and survivors of sexual exploitation, providing them with fair, sustainable employment opportunities.”

buy her bag not her body

lap top sleeve from Nomi

Start the new year off simply not with a ton of things that you really don’t want or love.yes your great aunt might be hurt if she knew you gave away the scarf but really, does she need to know?

Healthy gifts from local, women-owned companies

2010 December 21
by admin

We have selected a handful of women owned companies and the things they make and sell for our short and sweet Christmas gift list.

We love each of these women and the wonderful products that they provide.

Great paintings from Driveshed Gallery. Eduarda’s custom dog portraits are great hits…  Yes that is my dog! Hello Sunny!                                                                                                                    

“The Hormone Diet” by naturopath Dr Natasha Turner. This book will set anyone off on the right path for the new year. “If you want to look fresher, stimulate your metabolism, lose fat, feel calmer, sleep better, get stronger, feel sexier and focus better, gaining control over your hormonal balance is truly the key.”

(and if you live in Toronto, consider a consultation with Dr Turner

Wonderful handmade and natural soaps from Ella’s Botanicals. There is nothing funky in these all natural soaps and lotions. We love “Annoint Me” soap and the body lotions. No parabens, no SLS.

Jewellry from Anice Jewellery. Britt also does wonderful custom jewellery if you are looking for something more personal in the new year.

 Arvinda’s: Arvinda’s Curry Masala is the best seller and signature product and can displace any curry “paste” for all curry recipes, but it’s healthier since it contains no oil, additives or preservatives.

Who says Christmas can’t be healthy?

Enjoy the holidays… not the pounds

2010 December 17
by admin
party treat

Party drinks

Leslie Beck wrote a great article on Wednesday in the Globe about winning the “battle of the holiday bulge”. She outlines a number of tips to get through this season without packing on the pounds.

Our favourite tip?

“Before the party, eat a protein-rich snack to rein in your appetite…”. We couldn’t agree more. Protein fills you up and keeps you full helping to reduce temptation and tame your appetitie.

Set limits: decided in advance how much you will eat and drink. “set your limit and stick to it”

Enjoy the special things: skip the boring every day stuff and have the stuff you only get at holiday time… minced pies, mulled wine, egg nog….

Choose the right food: sushi is better than baked pastry puffs, shrimp instead of fried chips…

Drink with caution: just one drink an hour. drink water in between each alcoholic drink.

Don’t stand next to the food table!

This is such a fun time of year. Live it up wisely. And join us for Simply Switches in the new year!

Also, check out our article in the Toronto Star today!

Simply Bars find recipe for success

Energy-bar inventor eyes giant U.S. market as new flavours and a shift in marketing sparks a boom in sales across Canada.
You can view this story at:–simply-bars-find-recipe-for-success

A chocolate bar is healthier than a granola bar?

2010 December 15
by admin

 On Monday, the Globe and Mail ran an article comparing granola bars to chocolate bars. And guess what? Chocolate bars came out ahead!–up-junk-food/article1833722/


 So where do granola bars fall down? Mainly too many calories and too much fat and “and a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients.”  This article preferred Kit Kats to Nature Valley!

 Ouch again.

In trying to be healthier, people are turning to granola bars to fill them up. In just two years, the demand for for granola bars has grown by a third – from 55 bars eaten on average per person per year to 73! This is a huge jump in such a short time. But are these bars better for you than chocolate bars?

It doesn’t seem so. We think protein bars provide a better option… but again the same caveats apply: watch the sugar, fat and calories.

 Of course we love The Simply Bar (admittedly very biased). It was designed to have under ten ingredients. All of the ingredients are easily understood and don’t require a scientific background. The Simply Bar is low in calories, low in fat with the least sugar of any all natural food bar. And best of all, it is loaded with protein.

 Check out this chart to compare the numbers (without our editorial comments) for yourself:

not so healthy?

"healthy" granola bar

100 VS. 150 Calorie Snacks

2010 November 2
by admin

With the development of our new Simply Snack Caramel, it got us thinking about what people prefer and what really does satisfy our snack requirements. What better way to find out than to ask the people that matter most: our customers. We posted the question on Facebook: Is there a need for a 100 calorie snack in your life? Where does it fit? Or are you quite happy with 150 calorie bars?

We received some great feedback on the option of 100 VS. 150 calories for your snack choice. After reviewing the 15 responses, our results read that 6 people prefer the 100 calorie option, 5 are good with the 150 calories and 4 enjoy both. Our winner for this contest is Lisa M. Geller. Lisa loves the bars and has one a day after breakfast. She says “it keeps me satisfied and feels sinful without the sin”. We love the tag line!  Have a peak at the feedback and comments below. Thanks everyone!

“Love the 100 calorie bars for a quick snack and to crumble on top of yogurt. Keep them coming!”
“Love this bar. It’s tasty, has a lot of protein and it’s low calorie. It is an amazing healthy snack. I have one a day after breakfast and it keeps me satisfied and feels sinful without the sin…lol”
“A 100 calorie snack is the perfect size for that after dinner, post-evening yoga, pre-sleep time. Love having this option.” 
“I’m quite happy with the 150 calorie snack but am always open to new possibilities. For me the issue is Crohn’s disease and the actual calorie counts aren’t a big deal. Your caramel snack bar is so amazing!”
“100 would be great! just the right amount for snacking. :)
“Calories don’t mean a lot to me…I watch fat, carbs and protein. I have never been able to find your bars here in Maine, but have heard great things about them – especially the caramel one! Hoping one day to find them down here!”
100-calorie bar would be great, especially if I feel satisfied, like I’ve eaten something, after I finish it.”
“I think 150 is just fine. really anything much less would just require people to eat something with it which defeats the purpose. it’s not all about calories!”
“I love Simply Bars! 150 calories are great for me :)
“100 or 150 – irrelevant I’ll take any Simply – Bar or Snack!!”
“100 calories is nice occasionally, but I prefer generally to have something as substantial as 150 for travel. I do love that the Simply Bars have such a high amount of protein and low fat at under 200 calories”
“They would be great to snack on between meals and after work! Stash them in my glove box and I would always have a healthy snack on the go!!”
“I prefer the bigger bars because usually when I need a snack I need it to be sumptuous, like during a long bike ride or after a triathlon. They are a better option than fast food when work gets crazy too!”
“I love these bars as a great protein recovery after a good workout since it’s hard to have an appetite when you’re all sweaty and need to eat!”
“As a Dietitian, we teach snacks should be between 100 and 150 calories so the 150 calorie bar fits within these guidelines and offers more nutritional “bang for your buck”.”

Yogmeal (with a bit of protein)

2010 October 15
by admin

This post has been delayed as I searched for unsweetened non-dairy soy yoghurt. Mission accomplished! But what an ordeal! Every non-dairy yoghurt was loaded with sugar. No idea how that constitutes a healthy offering. Finally found one that was tasteless but perfect to mix with Simply Protein Oatmeal. Ended up being a nice breakfast: strawberry taste, lots of fiber, low sugar and high protein.

Eating after a workout

2010 September 16
by admin

One of the things I keep hearing from athletes is that they are exercising a ton but not losing weight. They find that after a hard workout they are really hungry and over indulge. Nancy Clark had a great post on this on her post at this link.

quoting Nancy: “If you are a dieting athlete who wants to shed some undesired body fat, I encourage you to refuel soon after your workout because this food can help curb your appetite. This post-exercise snack can ward off the Cookie Monster that might visit in 45 minutes. As you know, a few unplanned post-exercise cookies can quickly wipe out in 3 minutes the calories burned in 30 minutes of exercise!

Keep in mind that recovery calories “count.” That is, I’ve counseled many frustrated dieters who complain they are not losing weight despite their hard workouts. They snarf down 300 or so “recovery calories” and then go home to enjoy a big dinner. To avoid over-indulging in recovery-calories, plan to back your training into a meal. For example, eat dinner soon after your 5:00 p.m. workout. Or, it that is not possible, eat part of your dinner right after the workout. For example, have a recovery bagel at 6:00 pm on your way home from the gym instead of potato with dinner at 7:30 pm.”

The Simply Bar is a good low calorie snack that is portable so you can eat it immediately. Another bonus is that it can provide needed protein and is perfect if paired with a piece of fruit.

Vegetarian deliciousness

2010 September 12
by admin

The vegetarian fair has been a great success! We are getting good reviews on the new Simply Protein Oatmeal and peanut coconut bar. The weather has been great and people are friendly and in a good mood.

For the first time, I have had other people manage the booth without me. I am always terrified to leave other people in charge and think things will be disastrous! HA! I have discovered that other people often do a better job then me. (They still have to put up with me calling every hour to check on things unfortunately.)

The best finds so far at the vegetarian fair are:

  • gluten and dairy free french toast!
  • kale chips!
  • flourless cashew cookies!
  • mushroom corn tacos!