The Simplest Switch: Drinks

2011 January 10
by admin

Thanks so much for your switches to date! We have given out two boxes of bars and will give away another box tomorrow AND our first basket tomorrow. We are loving all of the switches so far and learning great tips too!

 Keep making goals and making your health a priority this year.

Drink Switches

Since the start of SimplySwitches on January 1, we have received 27 entries all focused on the very Simple Switch of switching types of beverages. We’ve seen things from green tea instead of coffee, water instead of pop, hot water with lemon, and real fruit spritzers instead of soda and juices. These switches are great and sensible as drinks are often the way we add a ton of calories to our day without even realising. Not only can we be fooled by the many empty calories that drinks contain but most fruit juices are very high glycemic and contain tons of sugar, so beware of what appears to be “healthy”. We wouldn’t eat 40 grams of sugar at a time so no reason to drink that much either.

Jazzing up water:

Water is certainly the best drink option- hot or cold. If you struggle with water intake (boring, no taste, etc.) here are some options for jazzing up your beverage consumption:

• Spritzers: Sparkling water with lemon and orange slices makes for a fresh, critrus hydration. Want something even better? Add fresh strawberries, rasberries and blueberries to your sparkling water and you’ll not only feel refreshed but it’s a healthy treat!

• Cucumber Water: Fill a pitcher with water and slice up half a cucumber. Let sit in the fridge for a half hour and you’ll feel like your sipping something from the spa.

• Hot Water: seems so simple, but adding any slice of orange, lemon and a bit of ginger (honey or maple syrup to sweeten) will warm you up, wake you up and pick you up! This drink will also help soothe digestion.

These really are simple switches that will add up to a big benefit for your health.

SimplySwitches will be running through the rest of this month and into February. We’ll continue to check in with encouragement and support and of course…prizes!! Every 3 days we are giving away a box of Simply Bars and every entrant is qualified to win one of the 50 Ultimate Health Gift Baskets (worth over $200). Post and compare in our Switches Guestbook and on Facebook!

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  1. January 10, 2011

    i think this is a switch that could benefit so many people. i keep telling my dad just to give up soda and he would see such a difference in his weight and energy level. great post!

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