Clear the Christmas Clutter

2010 December 27
by admin


Finally everyone is clearing out and you are getting some time alone… alone but for all your new stuff! Before you just store all of it, this is a good time to ask:

  • What do I really love and want?
  • What really just isn’t right for me?


1. Those things that you love and want, start using them!

2. For those things that just aren’t right, you need to part with them (even if they were from your very best friend or your most loved great aunt in the whole wide world.)

  • Things for charity
    • Goodwill is a good option. Or there are a number of other charities that will come and pick up your things.


  • Things to return:
    • Hopefully your gifts have receipts on them and you can return them. Check when you need to return them by and if possible, do in the next week so you don’t forget in the doldrums of January.


  • Things to re-gift:
    • This is not recommended but if you do it,  make sure you mark who the presents were originally from!


 And if you received cash or gift cards, why not spend them on something you really need? We are tired of carrying around bulky laptops and loved the laptop carry cases from the Nomi Network The bags are so stylish and even our most discerning family LOVED them! And the practical side of us loves how practical the computer bags are.

 “Buy Her Bag Not her Body is created by Nomi Network, a non-profit organization working to eradicate sexual slavery and the trafficking of women. We’ve created a partnership between the fashion industry and cause-driven, well-designed merchandise made by at-risk women and survivors of sexual exploitation, providing them with fair, sustainable employment opportunities.”

buy her bag not her body

lap top sleeve from Nomi

Start the new year off simply not with a ton of things that you really don’t want or love.yes your great aunt might be hurt if she knew you gave away the scarf but really, does she need to know?

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  1. December 28, 2010

    Gosh I miss simply bars! Are they out in america yet? I have to get caught up!!! I would LOVE to do some sort of summer internship with you all.. helping you spread the word with simply bars!

    • admin permalink*
      December 31, 2010

      hi Katie! Thanks for the comment. The Simply BAr is available through amazon or at and in CVS in east coast and NYC… so for everyone out of NYC, it is basically the web or CVS. We don’t have any internships but send your resume to info @ and we can keep on file. AND we are kicking off Simply Switches on Jan 1. Would LOVE to have you and your readers as part of it. happy new year!

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